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Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 04:31PM UTC

In a nutshell, what support does the Courses for Good programme offer?

Beneficiaries accepted into the programme receive 90% towards the cost of the courses and webinars they apply for from IME. All we ask for in return is a 10% contribution that we reinvest towards our social giving programme the following year, helping us to keep the good work going.

The subsidised grants can only be used for IME courses and webinars. It does not apply for external courses offered by other training providers or our in-house training services.

What is the criteria to join the Courses for Good beneficiary programme?

We have two beneficiary groups: charities (including non-profits and CICs) and small businesses.

The criteria to join the charity programme is that you have a registered charity or CIC number.

For small businesses, we follow the definition provided Department for Business, which defines a small company as one that does not more than 250 employees. We welcome applications from small businesses as long as they are within these parameters.

Why was our organisation invited to apply?

There are many aspects we consider when we invite an organisation to apply to become a beneficiary of the programme. Below are just a few:


  1. It’s important to us that our programme helps organisations from across the country and not just those from the big cities, so we often try to support companies outside the areas that usually receive the bulk of funding opportunities.
  2. We also consider the size of the organisation and whether we feel the learning support will help your employees grow and thrive.
  3. We sometimes invite organisations to apply if we like your ethos and values, as we especially like to help those that make a commitment to giving back.
  4. Our staff also plays an important part in the process, as all our employees have the opportunity to add a name to the invitation list.


Is the training open to employees only?


Charities: Charities, CICs and voluntary organisations can apply for extra places for their volunteers and service users, as well as staff. As long as you feel the learning will benefit your organisation and your cause, we will be more than happy to support you.


Small Businesses: For our small business beneficiaries, we usually prefer that you keep your places to help employees only. However, we do sometimes make exceptions. As an example, if a business requested extra places for the Career Coaching course in order to support customers who had been unemployed for a long period of time, it would likely be approved because it would positively affect lives.



Can you explain the contribution required?

We commit to funding 90% of the cost for our beneficiaries. All we ask in return is that each beneficiary contributes 10%, which goes towards our social programmes for the next year and allows us to keep the good work going. We want to ensure our work supporting social causes is a sustained effort. You can read more about this in the Courses for Good section of our website.


Therefore, if you apply, the contribution is as follows: £45 for each course per person (instead of £450) and £45 for each webinar token (which provides access to 12 webinars).

I’m unsure how many course places and webinar tokens to apply for?

We advise that you discuss this matter within your organisation before submitting your application. We encourage you to engage managers for feedback about what they expect the uptake (or need) to be within their team in order to make your decision. This is because if your application is approved, we will send you a list of activation codes for the total number of courses and webinar tokens you have applied for.



You will receive an invoice for the 10% contribution for the total number of codes requested, so it’s important get the numbers correct as we want to ensure that you get the most value from the opportunity. Try to make sure your application accurately represents the need within your organisation as much as possible.


Do you have any case studies you can share?

Yes we do. Feel free to download a case study from the Courses for Good section of our website.

How does it work if we have an employee who would like to complete more than one course? How many places should I ask for?

It’s one person per course place, so if you have an individual who wants to complete three courses, you will need to apply for three course places for this person.

What is the likelihood of our application being accepted?

As long as your organisation fits within our criteria, there is no reason why your application shouldn't be accepted. We are on your side and we have accepted over 90% of applications received so far.

Is there any minimum take up required?

No, because this would be against the ethos of the entire programme. It doesn't matter how small your organisation is or how low your application numbers are. If you only want to apply for one course place, that’s completely fine. Simply apply for the training you need.

How long will our staff have to complete the course?

For the Management and Leadership and Mini MBA in Peak Performance and Productivity, learners have three months to complete their course. The Career Coaching course requires two months. However, each learner will receive a voucher for additional time as a beneficiary benefit, which will extend the deadline further. Charity learners receive a voucher for an extra three months (taking the time allowance to six months); small business learners receive a voucher for an extra one month (providing 4 months in total).

Can you provide details of your accreditation provider?

OCN Credit for Learning accredits both our Management and Leadership and Career Coaching course, which is part of the Open College Network Group.

What level are the courses accredited and what is this similar to?

The Management and Leadership course is accredited up to a Level 3 and 4. The Career Coaching is accredited to a Level 4. A Level 4 equates to 30 hours of learning and each learner will achieve 3 learning credits. Level 3 equates to 20-25 hours of learning and learners will achieve two learning credits.All learning credits are recognised by the National Academic Framework.

How is a learner’s work assessed?

Our grading team will start to mark a learner's work once we receive the learner's self-evaluation form, which is completed at the end of their course. This notifies us that we can start downloading the learner's work for assessment.

Each learner should then receive his or her grade within 7 - 14 days.

What support channels will course learners have access to?

Each course participant will have access to three free support channels during their time learning with us:

  1. Live webinars – these run each week and allow learners to ask questions directly to an expert tutor.
  2. Learner forum – IME trainers moderate the learner forum, so any questions asked by learners will be answered directly by an expert. The forum also allows participants to learn from other learners via open discussions.
  3. Email – Learners can also email us with any questions. Once a learner starts a course, we send them an email to ensure they have contact details for a support agent if they need any support during their course.

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